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NEW INGREDIENT: Revolutioning Pandemic Prevention – “Leave-on Soap” invention 

Kalhygienic: Revolutioning Pandemic Prevention  – “Leave-on Soap” invention 

Pandemic forced us to a continuous use of hand soaps and alcoholic sanitizers. Both with instant efficacy, but requiring repeated daily applications. Kalichem revolutions the concept of pandemic prevention with Kalhygienic, through a 100% cosmetics approach. Kalhygienic is a patented active containing a delivery system, the Biomimetic Hydroxyaptite, functionalized with a hygienizing surfactant to use in emulsions. Kalhygienic works like a mild “leave on soap” able to promote a time controlled surfactant release on the skin.

Proven long lasting action against bacteria and viruses, with 99% reduction of their infection index up until 4 hours after a single application.

Compared to conventional soaps, it keeps skin barrier integrity, does not dry out the skin, and requires a single application to get several hours protection. Kalhygienic revolutions skin care industry with a FUSION of leave on cosmetics benefits and soaps effectiveness. An active ingredient aimed to revolution the pandemic prevention concept & improve our quality of life and social interactions in the name of carefulness, safety and efficacy!

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