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Why Kalichem?

5 reasons to choose Kalichem


The future at your fingertips:
Anticipating trends and creating the future of dermocosmetics are the pillars of Kalichem’s Research and Development.

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A vast scientific know how:
Our raw materials are the right answer to the most challenging market needs.
Kalichem is an innovative company centered around the collective and cumulative learning process that needs a  prolonged use and coordination of the skills and efforts of many persons with the end objective of producing  competitive ingredients that customers want and are willing to buy.

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The capacity to adapt and combine:

Kalichem possesses the capacity to adopt and combine, often in an original manner, new and already existing ideas, knowledge and innovations. This is an innovative approach, open and able to absorb knowledge and steer it towards new applications, tailored for new markets.

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Uncompromising controls:
We work on rigorous basis from the R&D study to the realization of the product (quality of plants, processes and controls).
Kalichem’s priority  is validation of processes and managing the improvement of controls, while standardization and reproducibility are our main commitment.

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A stable, still dynamic and flexible reality: 
Kalichem and Lamberti combined have more than 120 years of history full of patents, innovation, awards and love for the scientific research.

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