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Ideas, knowledge and innovations


Kalichem is able to interpret and satisfy the increasing market demand for ever-more sophisticated, innovative and highly technological ingredients, thanks to its continuous commitment in very selective research projects.
The wide range of products in our portfolio highlights exhaustively the utmost importance Kalichem places on R&D, faithful to our policy to concentrate our investments on technologically highly specialized products.

Our certifications

Tailor made Services


A team of experts always available and the many collaborations with valued Universities and Research Centers raise the level of professionalism and quality of our team. With its valuable partners, team Kalichem offers its customers a wide range of services including: testing, development, customization and specific research.
According to a client brief, all through each phase, including functional aspects of the new development, the customer is walked through each step of the fine tuning of the project and of the desired claims’ substantiation.

Traceability and personnel proficiency

Full guarantee of traceability and highly specialized competences: a winning couple. For every process Kalichem is able to go back to every single passage and for every passage there’s a trained and dedicated professional. This is Standardization and Reproducibility.