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Olivoil Surfactants

Mild, vegetal and effective surfactants

OLIVOIL SURFACTANTS contain lipo-polypeptides, lipo-amino acids and lipo-sugars. They consist of fatty acids deriving from olive oil and other vegetable sources which, condensed with a hydrophilic portion always of vegetable origin, form an amphiphilic unit. These molecules are not only able to exert a delicate cleansing action, but also act as moisturizers for the skin and hair.

Why choose our Olivoil Surfactants

  • Vegetable smart solution to formulate sensorially advanced detergents with efficient and gentle dirt removing action and high emolliency.
  • Easy to use, applicative versatility, the allow you to develop transparent mild cleansers, ideal for face, body and hair care.
  • Despite their "technical" nature, they also exercise beneficial activities on the skin and hair: they are dualistic raw materials.


Formulations with Olivoil Surfactants


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