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Olivoil Emulsifiers

Mild, vegetal and effective emulsifiers

Lipo-polypeptides/Lipo-aminoacids containing condensed olive oil fatty acids and vegetal sources, forming an anionic amphiphilic unit able to form liquid crystal systems in the oil/water interphase and a skin moisturizing macromolecule.

Why choose our Olivoil Emulsifiers

  • Vegetable smart solution to formulate sensorially advanced emulsions with no post-applicative foam/whitening
  • Easy to use, applicative versatility, to develop O/W emulsions of any type (fluid lotions, sprays, gels, creams, sunscreens, foundations, butters, mascara) or to improve the texture of formulations
  • Despite their ‘’technical’’ nature, they are dualistic active ingredients


Formulations with Olivoil Emulsifiers


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