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Phosphacteeth Remineralizer


Developed in partnership with the Italian National Research Council (NRC), PHOSPHACTEETH REMINERALIZER is a complex able to activate the in vivo formation of several physiological/biomimetic hydroxyapatite derivatives, natural components of enamel, through a two step activation process catalyzed by the saliva. Initially, the reaction of the complex with saliva leads to the in vivo formation of the Functionalized Amorphous Calcium Phosphate Complex (F-ACP system). The F-ACP system’s interaction with the saliva triggers the formation of Fluoride Hydroxyapatite (more resistant to acid erosion), Calcium and Carbonate Hydroxyapatite (physiological minerals forming tooth enamel and dentin) for a complete remineralizing action.

PHOSPHACTEETH REMINERALIZER is a biomimetic active with:

  • optimized tooth adhesion features (due to its citrate content)
  • optimized interaction with the tooth
  • reduced loss of actives due to mouth rinsing

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