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Kalhygienic Skin


Kalhygienic Skin is an innovative patented cosmetic ingredient that introduces the concept of “Cosmetic vs Pandemic” in skin care applications bringing the skin bioprotection until 4-5 hours.

The specialty is composed of biomimetic hydroxyapatite functionalized with a cationic surfactant with proven hygienizing features, active against several species of micro-organisms, including bacteria and viruses (eg. Coronavirus and Influenza strains). The hydroxyapatite works as skin pH dependent delivery system for the hygienizing surfactant and promotes several beneficial actions to the skin.

Kalhygienic action is in vivo activated and it enables to:

  • Guarantee a long term bio-protection against biological agents up until 4-5 hours through a single application
  • Promote skin barrier integrity keeping and keratinocytes compactness increase

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