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Biofilms and the skin microbiome

We are proud to announce that in the first issue of the year of the authoritative magazine “Cosmetics & Toiletries”, a full scientific article titled “Safer Sweat Control – hydroxyapatite as an alternative AP/deo active” has been published in the “formulating” section.

The article summarizes the main steps of a two years huge research work that Kalichem carried out to offer a safer – BUT FUNCTIONAL – alternative to traditional aluminum salts as deodorizing and sweat controlling active ingredient.

This innovative ingredient is based on the natural biomimetic mineral hydroxyapatite and does not irritate skin nor release substances of concern on skin, while performing its significant wetness reducing/deodorizing activity. This is due to an improved sweat and odors adsorption technology, named “Smartsorb”.

Due to the importance of the innovation, the research work got also a hit on the cover of the magazine.

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