Skin protection & hygiene in Covid time

New patented active designed for long lasting skin bio-protection against bacteria and viruses, hygiene and skin compactness


Bio-protection and Hygienizing


Kalichem introduces on the market a new patented specialty able to promote a long lasting skin bio-protection and hygienizing action against bacteria and viruses, including Coronavirus.

Ideal solution to fight the skin dryness typically occurring when using sanitizers and boost the prevention against the pandemic diffusion.


Kalhygienic promotes, after a single application, a 5-hour protection and hygienic action on skin and mouth environment, through an in vivo activated time-controlled release of cationic surfactants on skin and oral mucosa. 
Ideal cosmetic solution to boost the prevention measures against the pandemic, for Skincare and Oral care applications.

Kalhygienic Skin

Antiage, Body Care, Microbiota care, Skin Care

Kalhygienic Oris

Microbiota care, Oral Hygiene